Welcome to lazy girl PArtieS!

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Kara’s been working the NYC/Westchester kids party circuit for years… only she’s been doing it on the down low.  Shhhh… she’s the best secret in town for Lazy Girl Parents who want to throw their own party- but what to do with the kids?  Kara uses a combination of ballet, BrainDance, creative movement, games, and her signature Toddler Dance Jam to engage all ages with movement, songs, and even (if age appropriate) a little performance at the end.  She creates a unique playlist based on your theme.  Just clear a space in your living room, playground, or party area and Kara will take it from there.  She’s a pro and will make any space work.  Adults are entertained too at a party they won’t forget! 


PTA meeting?  Bachelorette?  Corporate function?  Shower? Fundraiser?  Birthday?  Moms’ Night Out?  Invite your favorite Lazy Girl!  Kara will start the party with her hilarious and healthy signature Pilates mat class. Keep reading… it’s a light workout… unless you want it hardCORE.  Then sip cucumber water or cucumber martinis and Kara will demo how to incorporate Pilates into your daily routine.   She’ll seriously answer any question on fitting it in, getting it in, and sticking to it.  And the best part… everyone walks away with Kara’s best-selling Pilates bible Lazy Girl Pilates: Morning.  Super fun party and good for you too!