Pilates guru Kara Tatelbaum’s first book in her Lazy Girl Pilates series, Lazy Girl Pilates: Morning, aims to eliminate the need to wake up early for a workout or skip it all together due to lack of time, thanks to simple and quick fitness hacks. Tatelbaum knows what it’s like to struggle to find time to work out as a working mother of two. Whether it’s Wall Push Ups in the shower while conditioner sets in, or the Adios Wall hang against the door on the way out, the book has something for everyone. 

By developing quick and easy exercises that can be integrated into any daily routine, Kara has created a way to fit Pilates into her readers’ lives, rather than the other way around. She explains: 

“The inspiration for Lazy Girl Pilates came from my clients’ need for workouts that don’t require a full 2-3 class commitment. The best part was designing exercises and routines around their apartments using what they had - a bed, shower, walls.  Nothing too complicated or time-consuming.  As a professional choreographer, this offered a fun challenge and allowed creativity beyond just spitting out the same exercises.  What we discovered was by maximizing the time you already have, the benefits of Pilates can come without the hassle. The exercises become habit forming and the repetition gets results.  With Lazy Girl Pilates, working out becomes less random and reliant on others.”

Lazy Girl Pilates Morning is available at ($6.99 Paperback) ($2.99 Kindle)